Profile of skills and competences

A carpenter who has finished an apprenticeship and is thus the holder of a journeyman’s certificate is able to:

  • Plan and perform assignments that are common to the trade in the quality expected and in compliance with applicable rules, regulations and traditions
  • Participate in the planning and performance of special assignments
  • Seek information and make decisions concerning materials, structural methods and assembly methods, and plan, organise and perform work assignments in collaboration with people from other trade groups at the workplace
  • Stay informed of rules and regulations applying to construction, including rules and regulations on fire protection, health and safety at work, tender procedures, tendering and quality assurance
  • Plan and perform assignments with due respect of the local and the global environment
  • Enrol in qualifying training programmes as well as in programmes of continued and further training and education

Range of occupations accessible to a holder of a journeyman’s certificate
Carpenters build major timber structures in buildings as well as roof structures and other types of load-carrying structures.
They floor buildings, fit rooms with ceilings, erect rafters, install roof tiles using hammers, saws and other hand tools, carry out heat insulation work and put up timber partition walls.
They also install windows, doors and various types of furniture and equipment.
Most carpentry work is carried out at building sites, generally in close cooperation with joiners, plumbers and other skilled craftsmen.
Only a small part of preparatory work is carried out in a workshop.

Level of certificate

The training programme is a vocational education programme which is placed in:
The Danish qualification framework for life-long learning at level: 4
European Qualification Framework (EQF) at level: 4



The education takes from 4 years to 4 years and and 6 months depending on the start date.


Additional information:
Final Schools: EUC Nord, EUC Nordvest Center for Uddannelse og Erhverv, Tech College Aalborg, Skive College, UCH - Uddannelsescenter Holstebro, Mercantec, Tradium, Den jydske Haandværkerskole, Herningsholm Erhvervsskole, College360, Aarhus Tech, Learnmark Horsens, Syddansk Erhvervsskole - Odense, Syddansk Erhvervsskole - Vejle, Rybners, Hansenberg, EUC Syd Aabenraa, EUC Syd Haderslev, Svendborg Erhvervsskole, Erhvervsskolen Nordsjælland, EUC Nordvestsjælland, Roskilde Tekniske Skole, ZBC – Selandia, EUC Sjælland - Næstved, Next - Uddannelse København, CELF, Campus Bornholm
Prepractice: Yes
EUX: Yes
School-based Practice: Yes
Further Education:

AP Graduate in Construction Technology, Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction, Constructor. A person who completes the apprenticeship as EUX-apprentice is eligible to seek admission to an engineering or architectural education. The person is also entitled to secondary supplementary courses necessary to gain access to other, specific higher educations.