Checklist for employers that want apprentices

Work Placement Approval

  • An employer may apply for Work Placement Approval for a given training, e.g. builder, joiner, bricklayer etc. Approval can be sought for trades for which the employer employs trained journeymen and has relevant work.

The application form for Work Placement Approval for construction industry qualifications may be downloaded here:

Apprenticeship Agreement

  • The agreement must be filled in and signed by both the employer and apprentice. If the apprentice is under 18 years of age, his/her parents must sign
  • Send the signed agreement to the vocational college
  • The college will register the agreement

The employer will receive a copy once the agreement has been registered by the college.

Download the agreement here (In Danish only): Apprenticeship Agreement ("Uddannelsesaftale")

Duration of apprenticeship

  • A full trade apprenticeship usually takes 3½ years for a young, inexperienced apprentice
  • If an employer opts for an adult over the age of 25, the length of the apprenticeship may be reduced according to individual evaluation
  • If the employer cannot offer a full apprenticeship, an agreement for a short apprenticeship is possible
  • An apprenticeship agreement for a short apprenticeship covers a work placement period and a college period

Personal education plan

  • An employer is legally responsible for the apprenticeship when offering work placement
  • The apprenticeship must be planned so that it enables the apprentice to achieve the work placement targets for the apprenticeship
  • Work placement targets are stated in the apprentice’s logbook
  • The logbook must be filled in jointly with the apprentice before the start of the college period
  • A logbook can be downloaded under each qualification at 

Terms of employment

  • The apprentice must receive a trainee’s wage during the period covered by the apprenticeship agreement

Read (in English) more details at,-holiday,-absence-and-insurance.aspx

  • Wages paid by the employer to the apprentice during the apprentice’s periods at college are refunded to the employer

Read more (in English) here: