Drywall Technician

Drywall Technician

Profile of skills and competences

A drywall technician who has finished an apprenticeship and is thus the holder of a journeyman’s certificate has achieved relevant social, general, personal and professional qualifications and competencies and is able to:

  • Plan and perform assignments to the standard expected and in accordance with legislation, regulations and customs
  • Perform work assignments that are common to the trade and assist in the planning and performance of special assignments within specialist fields in the trade
  • Seek information and make correct choices with respect to materials, structural techniques and assembly methods
  • Plan, organise and perform work assignments in collaboration with other occupational groups in the workplace
  • Keep informed about rules and regulations relating to the construction sector, including fire protection, health and safety at work, tendering and quality assurance
  • Plan and perform assignments with due consideration for the local and global environment

Range of occupations accessible to the holder of the certificate
Trained wall, ceiling and unit installers work with the installation of hollow walls and plasterboard ceilings and may also install fitted elements in kitchens and bathrooms and cabinets in offices.

Level of certificate
The training programme is a vocational education programme which is placed in:
The Danish qualification framework for life-long learning at level: 3
European Qualification Framework (EQF) at level: 3




1 year and 6 months

Additional information: www.ug.dk
Final Schools: EUC Nord, Tech College Aalborg, Mercantec, Tradium, Aarhus Tech, Learnmark Horsens, Syddansk Erhvervsskole - Odense, Syddansk Erhvervsskole - Vejle, Rybners, EUC Syd Aabenraa, EUC Nordvestsjælland, Roskilde Tekniske Skole, ZBC – Selandia, Next - Uddannelse København
Prepractice: No
School-based Practice: No
Further Education:

As a drywall technician, it is possible to have the period of training as carpenter, floor layer or thatcher reduced with six months.