Tools and Books

Tool List for Concreter Apprentices as of Jan. 1st 2012:

Bench hammer
Carpenter’s hammer
Sledgehammer 1.5 kg
Nail bag
Angle large and small
Hearing protection
Safety goggles
Hand saw
Spirit level 30 cm
Folding ruler
Knee pads
Calculator Texas TI 30X IIB
Drawing implements
Toolbox with lock
Mitre cutter
Bucket trowel
Chalk/chalk line
2 clamps
Measuring tape min. 15 m

Chapter 19, Section 11 on tools in the Building and Construction Industry Collective Agreement 2014 between the Danish Construction Association and 3F states: 

  1. Construction technician and paver apprentices are provided with tools, incl. handbooks, by their employer at the start of their apprenticeship.
  2. The required tools are shown in the tool list prepared by The National Joint Committee for Building, Roofing and Paving, Det Faglige Fællesudvalg for Struktør-, Tagdækker- og Brolæggerfaget
  3. If apprentices do not bring tools at the commencement of their college studies, these will be provided by the college and paid for by the employer according to the guide prices contained in the tool list.
  4. The tools remain the property of the employer – with the exception of books which belong to the apprentice.
  5. Paver apprentices retain their hammers and stool on completion of their apprenticeship.

Book List for Concreter Apprentices:

‘Håndbogen - Arbejdsmiljø i bygge og anlæg’, published by Erhvervsskolernes Forlag*
‘Bygningsstruktøbogen’, published by Erhvervsskolernes Forlag*
‘Arbejdsmiljø i dansk byggeri’, published by Erhvervsskolernes Forlag* 
Presentation folder for Working Environment training, published by Erhvervsskolernes Forlag*
(*Available as a package from Erhvervsskolernes Forlag)