Profile of skills and competences

A roofer who has finished an apprenticeship and is thus the holder of a journeyman’s certificate is able to:

  • Unsupervised to carry out all work processes common to the roofing trade in compliance with applicable health and safety regulations and environmental standards
  • Plan, organise and perform work technically and ergonomically correct and in compliance with applicable practices, standards, rules and regulations

Range of occupations accessible to the holder of the certificate
Roofers cover roofs with roofing felt, plastic and other synthetic roofing materials to make them weatherproof. They work with roof structures for all types of buildings, such as residential and commercial properties, hospitals, schools, sports facilities, carports, etc.

Level of certificate
The training programme is a vocational education programme which is placed in:
The Danish qualification framework for life-long learning at level: 4
European Qualification Framework (EQF) at level: 4



The education takes from 3 years and 3 months to 3 years and 9 months depending on the start date.

Additional information:
Final Schools: Learnmark Horsens, EUC Nordvestsjælland
Prepractice: No
School-based Practice: Yes
Further Education:

AP Graduate in Construction Technology, Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction, Constructor.